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All applications for membership to Mingara Aquatic Swimming Club are completed online. A swimming membership with Mingara Aquatic Swimming Club also includes membership with our local area – Coast & Valley Swimming Association, Swimming NSW and Swimming Australia. Membership is valid from October 1 through to September 30 the following year.


Active Kids Vouchers

Mingara Aquatic Swimming Club accepts Active Kids Vouchers. New members should join via the Join Here link above and stop at the payment section. Please email your child's full name, date of birth and voucher number to our Registrar. A payment email will be sent after the voucher is applied. Renewing members should email their voucher details prior to renewing their membership. Vouchers cannot be applied retrospectively.


Membership Fee Schedule

Please click here to view our Membership Fee Schedule for the 2018/2019 season.


New Member

If you are wishing to join Mingara Aquatic Swimming Club for the first time please click here



If you are transferring from another club please click here


Adding a Family Member to an Existing Membership

If you are adding additional family members to your existing membership, you may be entitled to a family discount and this is only available when membership is purchased in one transaction. Therefore, it is important that you do not pay for a new season until the changes are made.  Please click here


2nd Claim Membership

If you would like to be a 2nd claim member of Mingara Aquatic Swimming Club, please click here



All registrations for Mingara Aquatic Swimming Club are completed online. Early in September you will receive a renewal notice from Swimming NSW. (2nd claim members will be emailed their renewal paperwork). If you are making changes to your family’s registration from last season, please contact our Registrar, Tamara Ward at  It is important that you do not pay for the next season until the changes are made. If you are adding new members, you may be entitled to a family discount and this is only available when membership is purchased in one transaction. Please refer to the section above, Adding a Family Member to an Existing Membership.

To ensure continuity of membership and access to online meet entries it is essential that once advised, you renew your membership prior to September 30. If you have an Active Kids Voucher, please email the details to our registrar prior to paying your renewal. A new renewal email will be sent after the voucher has been applied. Family discounts are not available where a voucher has been applied to a membership.


Completing your Membership & Uniforms

Included in all initial full paying membership fees with Mingara Aquatic Swimming Club is a club swim cap and club shirt. Once you have paid your membership, forwarded required proof of DOB documentation and the committee have approved your membership, your club swim cap will be ready for collection. The next time you are at the pool you will need to try on a shirt so we may place your order. Mingara Aquatic Swimming Club swimwear are also able to be purchased. 


Pool Entry – Friday Night Swim Club

Mingara Aquatic Centre are a major sponsor of Mingara Aquatic Swimming Club. They do not charge the club any fee for the use of the pool and the staff required to run the pool on a Friday evening. However, all our swimming members are required to pay a discounted pool entry fee at the front desk upon arrival at the pool of $3. This is a fee seperate to any gym, squad or other membership.


In order to finish the race evenings on time, we require many helpers. In fairness to all, we like to see family members, on a rotation basis, helping out at club night each week. 


When arriving at the pool, no children will be admitted to the centre unless they are accompanied by an adult – children will be required to wait at the front desk until an adult arrives, even if it results in the swimmer/s missing their race.


Swim Club Information Evening - Friday 19th October 2018

The club will be holding an information session at 6:30pm on Friday 19 October in the pool deck club room. Current members, new members and potential new members are all welcome to attend. Some of the topics covered will include: Registration procedure, Friday night swim club online entry procedure, procedures for Friday night swim club, and competitive meets. This meeting will also provide the ideal opportunity for any potential new members to register for trial sessions and purchase club uniforms and swimwear. Please see below for more information about trial sessions. 


Friday Night Swim Club

Our Friday night swim club program may be found under the “Swimming” tab, select Club Nights, then select Club Night Calendar.

Entries for Friday night events, commencing with October 26, 2018, must be received by 11.59pm on the Thursday before the meet. Entries will be made via a secure online tool which can be accessed through our club website. Instructions for how to lodge entries for our Friday night programs is available here. This online meet entry system will only be available to you once your membership has been approved by our committee.

If you have any difficulties with Friday night entries please contact our Friday Night Race Convenor: 

Club Night


Friday Night Swim Club Trial Sessions

If you are uncertain as to whether or not your child is ready for the competitive swimming experience, why not "come and try' Mingara Aquatic Swimming Club. Any potential member of Mingara Aquatic Swimming Club is entitled to a"come and try" event. 

Please click here to access the trial session form and download it to your computer. (This form is not accessible from mobile devices).